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It lasted 3 yrs.lots of probs. Add comment

Went in for consultation the consultant after seeing the wonderful commercials LSK an assistant pulled back my skin on both sides of my face and said that's what they could pull back for me looked good to me so I thought about it for a month. I went back to agree to lift, but that surgeon was no longer there a male assistant he gave me about a 10 page booklet to sign and initial I felt under... Read more

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I had work done on my face, neck and eyes by Lifestyle Lift. I had to keep going back because the stiches used alone the sides of my face kept festering up. They did not dissolve nor did they ever remove them. So as a sore would fester up on the stich i'd go back and have it removed. Very painful repetitive processs I thought just was not right. It took a tremendous amount of time for areas to... Read more

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Had a lifestyle lift in chicago. I explained what i wanted - jowels lifted, marinette lines gone and under eye buffiness gone. The consultant advised me it was no problem and i would love the results & then she told me i should have a laser treatment on my face which i did not want. She was consistant that i should have this done. I went through all that pain & did not get any results plus... Read more

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I had my procedure done at Madison Ave in NYC, and my problem is that I went because when I would lay down for example a lounge chair I saw extra skin in my neck area but now I realize by what I've been told that maybe I really didn't need it because when I was not laying down everything looked good and normal ; I didn't have any hanging skin for this procedure but instead of them explaining and... Read more

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I have called to get a check up. I have sent pictures and still no comment. I have been paying on care credit and have almost paid them off at 200.00 a month. The doctor who worked on me quit. The people would not call back. My face makes me look older than when I went in with scars. I just got a call that they had filed bankruptcy. Wanted me to join new one with a new procedure.Who am I paying... Read more

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In March of 2014 I had the lift done after a high pressure consultation. The right side was not right and the doctor offered to redo it for free, I just needed to pay $500 building use fee. Before he could schedule it, he wanted to wait until everything was healed from the first attempt. They closed the doors, kept my money and now I still have numbness on my face, along with a knot on my neck. ... Read more

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I did have the face lift in September of 2010. I was not informed that it was not a true face lift. I paid $8000.00 I had to go back two more times for chin tuck over. I began to see my face fall within six months. Had it done in Huntersville North Carolina by Dr. Guba. Took him one hour to complete my whole face and then he sent me straight home from the chair. He was arrogant when I went back... Read more

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I had a Life Style lift in 2009 and was (am) delighted with it. The incisions are behind my ears and don't show at all. I was back to work 10 days later and had very little bruising. I was awake through the whole thing and can honestly say the only moment of pain was the first numbing shot they gave me. Subsequently I got cancer, had 3 big surgeries, chemo & radiation. I think I'd look a lot... Read more

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$9000.00 & STILL WRINKLED AND BAGS UNDER MY EYES THE SALES LADY SAID "OH THEY WILL BE GONE" NOT!!! What a rip off. Wish an attorney would pick up on this scandalous outfit!!! Read more

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