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Lifestyle lift kills people, Warning

I used to be manager in one of the california's lifestyle offices. I was a witness to how dangerous lifestyle lift practice was. They trick people into thinking they have a non invasive procedure. What poeple really get is a substandard face lift in a poorly controlled offices. Patients has a lot of pain during the lifestyle lift procedure. Infections were high due to non sterile operating rooms and instrument. A lot of patients did end up in emergency rooms. Many of the patients ended up with severe scarring due to poorly trained doctors. Non of their doctors are plastic surgeons. Save your life and money. Valerie Amber Swan Burlingame, California
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My friend went in for a simple face lift and was released to a hotel room for recovery. My friend experienced trouble breathing, paramedics were called and my friend arrived at the hospital DOA.

The swelling from the procedure put so much pressure on my friends neck it caused suffocation.


This is a fake review by a dishonest doctor using my name to smear this company, because he competes with them for patients.

I have never been employed by them and I have no knowledge of their service.


There can be other people with the same name!!! How do you know that this person has worked for Lifestyle Lift?

Are you sure you are not Dr Kent lying to protect his awful and deceitful company that destroys so many people lives? Shame on you DR KENT!!!



SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a nurse, i was left with a huge scar and fluid engorged in my neck.

People think that because you gave a bad review your a hater, K.....

Go on, let these quacks cut's your face and it will be a HOT MESS!


It's hard to file with the state medical board They don't really do anything but protect their doctors. This needs to be publicized.

Someone needs to get in touch with a TV show host or magazine or newspapers and then when

all of the other victims find out theyv ll come out in groups and back that person up.

Imagine having 50 to 100 or more people on a talk show telling their horrible stories about their experience with Lifestyle Lift. We only need one brave person to start it.



It's been done sweetie, I even went to my lawyer, he said judges have

no compassion for those who use cosmetic surgery, he's a great lawyer, so I know he's telling the truth, he said they would do nothing...unless of course you die or are hospitalized....aint that much vanity in the world, after you have been warned, oh and im a Nurse.


My Mother and I cancelled our appointment because of online posts. Thanks for all who reported their bad experiences however where are they getting these people who appear in their ads? They look so genuine.


They are from different states & different surgeons....check on the surgeon YOUR MOM will use.....


These doctors sound like evil animals.. why are they still operating?

This place is barbaric!! Please shut them down and put them in jail..


Debby Boone....HOW COULD YOU!!!!

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Lifestyle lift

I had a lifestyle lift. Paid $6000.00 for pain and no results. I'm left to this day with an absess that will not heal. Pain on my right side of my head and ear. I had a second surgery on my absess and it is worse. I'm frightened and am not alone as many others are being disfigured by this company. Are there any class action suits with these people? This sugery was preformed at Roseville Ca. with a Dr. Blum. I need a third surgery and have run from these frauds. It will cost me $11500.00 for a real facelift with my local Dr. Please listen to me when I say to run from lifestyle lift.
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Dr. Blum is a Fraud.

As he is hiding and not returning my phone calls. He promised to be there with future procedures and missing in action now.


I too had a life style lift in 2006 is was painful and costley and I have lots of scars and a pixie ear I need money to fix and life style lift has said they would redo it but no money back no way are they ever going to touch me again

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My experience with Lifestyle Lift has been an interesting journey. I first learned about Lifestyle Lift through their TV ads, showing clients with remarkable results of before and after pictures as well as video of them. All looked many years younger, refreshed, having smoother skin and their wrinkles gone. Their jaw lines were well defined after their surgery. After reviewing the company's pamphlets and video on May 6th, I opted for Lifestyle Lift option C including their platysmaplasty, liposculpting and a full face laser treatment for a total of $8500. The procedure was done on May 13, 2010 by Dr. Eric T. Waterman, the same doctor that examined my face for this procedure on May 6th. In just one week of the surgery, I could see my wrinkles returning to my face as the swelling went down. After one month, I could see NO improvement in my face and I do not look one day younger than before my surgery. I have wrinkles and frown lines around my mouth and the same wrinkles I had around my eyes, as well. I still have brown spots on my face, large pores and wrinkles on my face. My jaw line has not improved. I followed the Lifestyle Lift instructions to a T. I even slept elevated in a recliner for three weeks, instead of in bed with my husband. I only let my closest co-workers know what I did since I took ten days off of work. The only thing they see are my scars. One co-worker was bold enough to say, "Did you have a witch doctor work on you"? It might as well been. The entire hospital staff and all of my family have not noticed or said anything about my "˜years younger and refreshed look', confirming what I already knew, that this surgery did nothing, but leave scars. Instead of wearing my hair behind my ears, as I have for years, I have to cover my ears because of the scars. My ears are still numb and areas around my ears and neck are still hard and knotted. I had an appointment today, June 11, 2010 with Dr. Waterman. I received my before and after pictures that I will be happy to share with anyone interested in viewing. I told Dr. Waterman that I didn't look a day younger or anymore refreshed, and his response was 'you can't expect miracles'. I said, "Excuse me??? I was only expecting what was look younger and refreshed". When asked if he felt any obligation to do anything further for the $8500. I spent, he said, "No". I thanked him for his time, then left. At no time did he examine the knots on my face and neck that I told him about, or check my scars. My intent is to write as many Internet consumer reviews as I can to caution others that Lifestyle Lift is not all it's cracked up to be and to contact the local and national media to do a story on behalf of the many disappointed clients nationwide. I am already in touch with The Oprah Show. I hope this review will encourage others to seek several plastic surgeons advice before buying into the claims that Lifestyle Lift is 'the nations face experts'.
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Im so very sorry this happened to you.

I was botched by Timothy J Marten md. They say he is to 10 plastic surgeon in USA.

Now I know that is bs unfortunately. He did a terrible crime against me!


I had a face lift with the style lift, I am very happy . I know 3 others who had face lift and are very happy.


I was forced to have a C-section with my third son. I wanted to be sedated during the procedure, but my doctor refused, and epidural was not effective.

It was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life being cut into. I cannot even fathom being awake for a face lift! The *** doctor who established this should be horse whipped! Of course it is goimg to hurt badly!

I also do not understand for the price you are paying they cannot find talented surgeons! I have a birth mark which I had surgically removed three times on the left side of my eye years ago. You cannot even see the stitching he is so talented. I have had many surgeons intrigued by the beauty of his work.

One doctor made me look up my old medical records.For the money you pay these butchers, you can be put under and not feel pain, in a sterile environment.

I have had several surgeries and never developed a infection. These butcher shops should be closed down!


I too had lifestyle, I was told I would have a consultation with the Dr a few days before the procedure, it was 5 min before, I explained what I wanted and complained after the stiches were out (yanked out) hole behind ear finally filled in two flaps still not healed 3 months after surgery skin was not pulled tight enough its still saggy and baggy my right eye skin was cut way out of proportion with left and they left huge bump in corner and eye still sags to point it covers the eyelashes, I am going to fight this my chin and partial cheeks are only thing they really did and its still saggy and baggy my neck has not changed I have before and after and feel for what I am being forced to pay over 8k that I didn't get what I wanted nor what I was told I would get :cry :cry :cry :( this is not right and I feel that till the job is done to my satisfaction no money should be paid


Thanks for the very informative reply. I was considering looking into this procedure, but now I will stay far, far away!

It did seem too good to be true, and -- as usual -- those things do end up being just that: too good to be true.

Sorry for your pain & suffering: I hope you can get some kind of just compensation. You deserve it!


I basically had the same experience. It has been 2 months and I can no longer wear hair behind ears like I always do.

So self conscious. Numb on both sides of face. Had upper lids done (which I do like) except they didn't get all the stitches out and now have a large dark bump on the corner of brow area that I try to cover. They lipoed my jowels and that was horrible.

They didn't tell me they were doing that and I felt it when it was done. Didn't know I would get so many numbing shots in my face prior to procedure...they were horribly painful. I didn't get enough meds to "relax" me prior to procedure. I was so black and blue all the way down to my chest for weeks.

How can they tell people you can go right back to work. My head was so swollen for weeks! Still have swelling. Don't think I would do it again.

I do see some difference in jowels, but not much.

Had mine done in Houston by Dr. Smith


Dr. Mucci with Lifestyle Lifts is a horrible doctor.

He promised me fantastic results and my face is now ruined. I am very upset, and I cry every night. I have contacted two attorneys and am working with them both now.

Please, if anyone else has had problems with Lifestyle Lifts, let's all get together and shut them down. I have read nothing but negative comments on the internet about this company.


I am having the lifestyle lift and now I am frightened to death. Are you scars gone? Please tell me what happened


Its everybody DONT DO IT!!!!!!

Its not worth it..I am in horrible pain and the scars are terrible. They took my $$ but most of all my dignity.

I dont even want to look in the mirror or leave my house. I cover my face with hats and scarfs now and it has totally changed who I am..


I am happy with the outcome of my surgery at 45 my problem was having a double chin that was begining to sag and also jowls next to my chin, I thought that I looked older than I am, and allways looked tired, went to the Lifestyle Lift office in Fort Lauderdale, the procedure lasted 1 hour came home had mild pain under my ears the first day, but took the pain medication they gave me, and had no further pain during the process of healing about a week latter the bandages came off, and i was very happy to see that once again I have a normal neck with no double chin or jowls, it has been about 9 months since my surgery and the double chin has not come back. But most important I went to Lifestylelift with REALISTIC expectations, and the outcome exceeded expectations

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Lifestyle Lift was the worst mistake of my life

My first mistake was to not follow my gut. Everything about this business is inferior. After months of losing my record, promises not kept, etc, the answer to my botched surgery was to have a revision by one of their doctors! I won't make that mistake again! My chin still sags, but now it is uneven and the scar looks like he didn't have his eyes open when he made the cut. with lifestyle lift, You get what you pay for. Research Lifestyle lift on line. They are liars and do surgeries quickly..the more they do the more they make... I did this because it was affordable but now I am damaged and i have pain. I have to pay twice the amount to hopefully correct unsightly scars! It's been a year and I still have discomfort around my ears, horrible looking scars that I cover with my hair. I fell for television commercials, magazine ads, the one hour procedure, immediate improvement and the pre-procedure red carpet treatment. The procedures (2) were painful and I don't know how you can see immediate improvement when you leave looking like a mummy. Following the procedure, you will never be allowed to come through the front door. You will arrive through a rear entrance to wait to see someone and wait along with the other unhappy clients. I am ashamed, embarrassed and disappointed. What a waste of my money, time and energy.
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I had a lifestyle lift February 2014. In Beverly Hills with Dr Kenny.

I'm very pleased with the results. I had my eyes done also. I have some numbness, that is to be expected. Nerves are cut.

I itch sometimes behind my ears. It's a healing process. I was back to work in 12 days. Nobody knew.

What I like the most is you don't look done. People always say how great I look for my 70 years. I would do it again.

Just research your Dr. To make sure they are board certified.


Hello, I had lifestyle lift in Burlington MA. I was scared to death going in to my knees almost gave out on me.

Went in through the front door, was led to a room that looks much like a dentist office, safe chairs, same set up. There were about 30 needles piled up on the table (for me) freaked me out. With that said, they were so professional and nice to me. They gave me the 5 or 6 pills you have to pick up previous and because of my nerves gave me one other pill they had there.

Yes you are awake through out the procedure which is about (for mine) was 3 to 4 hours. The needles they give you before you start feel like bee stings and only the 1st 3 or 4 you can feel, after that you don't feel anymore. Once they start the procedure, yes you are awake but are content to listen and watch the doctor hands as he uses tools. Nothing bothers you because of the drugs, and if you feel any pain at all, just tell tlhem and you will get another shot of novelcain which does hurt but only for a moment, then you feel nothing again.

Once you see the thread you know you are finished up with one side. They they do the other side then the chin. I did not have my eyes done. (I went in crying, and came out laughing) You will be bangaged up and at least 12 hours later, you will throw up for a couple of hours.

Its all the stuff injected into your face and the drugs they give you usually wont' agree with you. But after that you just keep taking medication prescribed, get about 7 pillows to sleep sitting up. Get on the couch or in bed with a good movie, and sleep, sip on liquids, baby spoon in the soft stuff like yogurt or apple sauce, light things. You will lose at least 20 pounds the 1st month easy basically because you loose interest in food, and can only eat little bits.

Your wont be able to chew it will hurt your face. I spent a good week in bed and slowly started getting around. No lifting over 5 pounds. Anything you lift will be felt in your face.

I never knew that. It is now about 6 month later. I had this done about June of 2014 and it is now November of 2014. My face looks great.

When I smile I have cheeks again. I have a little hanging below my chin but it is abnoids I was told, but it is atill such an improvement and makes me feel like I did 10 years ago when looking in the mirror. I wish I got the eyes done as I still have such dark circles, but it is another 3000.00, so I opted not to go for it. This procedure in Burlington Ma cost me 6,000.00.

Yes even with the suffering for a few months, it made me feel better and encourage me to loose a bit more weight. There is something to be said about feeling good about how you look. You even feel more energetic, and smile more. I would go back and have eyes done if I had the cash, but would choose Lifestyle lift in Burlington Ma for sure.

But also research your doctor before you get it done. they assign a dr to you, you do not pick one. But do your research first. I am pleased.

By the way you do exit the back door when you leave. I don't find a problem with that. You also go in and out the back door upon all your follow up visits as well. You return the day after the procedure to check and change the bandage.

Then about 6 to 8 weeks later to see how you are doing. I also went back another time which is free of charge because I was having some pain in my face which turned out to be normal, and did go away with time. When you first arrive you find it too good to be true, and seems like a sales pitch, and it is, however I am satisfied. I would recommend it to others.

(Its not magic, its a procedure. If I had the money, I would have had it done at Lahey with anasteshia) But still happy with my results.




Hi your message caugjt my eye and im so sorry you went through this. As I mentioned below to Karen, I have seen many people harmed by surgery. Especially when done with cutting corners. This might not be for you but I have seen many with scars and wrinkles become so happy with their results. I have severe cases I personally thought only a second surgery could fix...but then after a couple months use the scars fade until you dont see the scars anymore! Plus the sagging skin and wrinkles the first surgery failed to take also diminsh and tighten. You might feel its too late and surgery is the only way. lf so you can share this with others thinking about surgery, as another less invasive option and prevent possible pain and suffering like yours in the future

It will all come together. God bless.

Tammy Workman



I had a LIfeStyle Lift 3 years ago and I LOVE it. I am 53 years old and most guess I am not yet 40!

I am in the process of consulting on more Lazar. I will not lie, it was NOT a pleasant experience, but like the Dr. said to me when I left, YOU WILL LOVE ME in 1 week. I hated his guts at that moment (but it was tolerable).

When I went back in 1 week for my follow-up, He was right, I DID LOVE HIM and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! So much better than a FULL face lift and those icky faces that look too tight and off balance.

NOT so with LifeStyle Lift! Oh, and by the way, I went to the BURLINGTON, MA center (they moved, it was in Waltham when I had mine done, they moved 5 weeks later)


any thing to say about the syracuse ny area. lifsstyle lift


I am looking into the Lifestyle Lift in Burlington, Ma despite the negative reviews that I believe are mostly based on the fact they this company has some faked some positive reviews in the past. I think the procedure still sounds like what I'm looking for rather than getting facial fillers every few months.

There has to be mainly happy customers or they would not be so big, is what I'm thinking. A girl I work with said that her friend just did it and is happy.

Does anyone have any comments about the Burlington location? How about some positive (real) reviews?


These are real reviews. Worked for plastic surgeons for years. Lifestyle Lift is chancy at best.


Worked for real board certified plastic and reconstrutive surgeons. Don't take a chance.


Hi Karen. I have seen many people harmed my surgery.

This might not be for you but I have seen many with scars and wrinkles become so happy with their results. It may be worth using before surgery. You could be pleasantly surprised

I am hoping to show people options that are less invasive and prevent possible pain in the future. Whatever you decide God bless.

Tammy Workman


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Lifestyle Lift Messed Me Up

I had procedures done on my upper and lower eyelids on July 11.2007. Plus I had the face done. I had to go back about 6 months later to have the lower lids re-done because the Doctor did not get out all of the fatty tissue. Well, here I am still with one eye looking like someone punched me and Lifestyle will not do anything about or will they refund any of my money. I even tried to resolve this through the Better Business Bureau in Phoenix and they painted me as some sort of person that would never be satisfied. The Doctor that performed the surgery on me is no longer at Lifestyle. The facility in Phoenix has also had a rather large turnover in office personnel just in the year and ½ that I spent in and out trying to get my right eye corrected. Spend more money and go to a real surgeon. They do not stand behind their guarantee.
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I just inquired about lifestyle lift and after I read all these reviews I changed my mind and want to get old gracefully , thanks to everyone for telling your stories and sorry about all you went and are going through. Sue the company.


Like sooooo many others. I'm so sorry for you.

There is a nationwide investigation being spearheaded from the Attorney Generals office in FL. No matter when your surgery was done.

Get your records, type out your experience for hard copy. Send your complaint through your Attorney Generals office and copy to LSL investigation, Gregory Jackson, Attorney Generals office in FL.

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