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I had the surgery in Grand Rapids, MI and was left with a scar and was told I would need another "procedure" which was scheduled for early March. Then I got a call from Dr.

VAGOTIS' office asking me to call and reschedule now I can't get an answer to any of my phone calls. But they had the nerve to send me an e-mail message from her private practice about their "Spring Specials". I say the Dr.

did the surgery not "Lifestyle Lift" and I want to sue, but if there is a class action suit I will join that. Tell me where to sign up!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lifestyle Lift Surgery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Did a very bad job, Took our money, Lied about fixing problem, End result, Did not do what i was requesting.

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There was a class action suit 7-8 years ago but the judge threw it out, saying we needed to file individually. I was part of that suit. They are bankrupt and gone now


I am looking for anyone who had a lifestyle lift done. Also trying to see if there is a class action lawsuit against them.

If you are one of many that had this procedure and it went wrong please contact me. I had it done and it has ruined my face.

to Skauf502 #1486651

I still have scars after 4 years. Worst thing I have ever done! Pushy sales people, doctor had bad attitude, very over priced!


I had the lifestyle lift over 10 years ago..the stiches are still in my face! He didnt remove them all..10 grand I was extremely painful during the procedure..he didn't numb the left side of my face..he just get instructing the assistant to keep giving valium and surprised I didn't od!

Cartersville, Georgia, United States #1300364

I also would like to file lawsuit. The surgery left scares on but cheeks.

I had mine done in 2012 in Atlanta. Is there a class action lawsuit against Lifestyle Lift?

Gulfport, Mississippi, United States #1208497

I also would like to file class action lawsuit, but am not aware of any currently available.

to Anonymous #1486648

Me too. Still have scars on my face after several years!




I also would like to be part of a class action lawsuit against life style lift. I had mine done in Boston,Mass, it was a painfull, traumatic awful experience.

I have bad scars around my ears and my neck is very red all the time. I had it done in 2006.

to Anonymous #990804

I too would like to be part of a class action lawsuit. I had my surgery done last July.

And I don't look one bit different, not to mention all the pain I went through, money, etc. for absolutely nothing.

to Anonymous #1440256

Me too! We should have no problem getting enough of us together. Yep, me too.

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