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Lifestyle Lift - Sad and depressed I look awful. Make up doesn't help people ask what happened to your chin/ neck. I cry and don't like going out anymore
I'm left with scars and in finished treatment. What was suppose to be a simple procedure tuned into a night mare. I look in the mirror as I try to cover up the scaring but no,matter and the rippling skin is so obvious that people have commented what happened etc. this...
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I honestly dont think it looks bad...also, if thee is a "class action " or what have you, the people dont get money, the attorneys do. I dont think you look bad at all, and ...

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  • Left me with massive scars
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Had the surgery and was not totally satisfied and procedure was very painfull. After 2 years I saw an add that was what I thought was a smaller less evasive and less painful to see if that would work for me. I called and was told I should call the Bloomington office in...
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