My mother had the Lifestyle lift and I couldn't even tell. The only way I knew was I saw the nasty red scars and what looked like a rash behind her ears.

The only very slight improvement was that her cheeks were a little smoother. The area around her mouth wasn't even touched at all. Her neck area was slightly improved but certainly not like they show on tv. The doctor she went to in Massachusetts was a quack.

He talked her into having under her eyes lasered and six months later they still red and she looks like she's been rubbing them raw. She also said that the pain after was so bad that she couldn't sleep for a week. The doctor had the nerve to poo her off and "tell" her that it wasn't that bad and did absolutely nothing. Think about it, if the doctors doing this service were legitimate and knew what they were doing they wouldn't need to go thru this company.

They'd be getting plenty of business on their own merit.

She says it was a total mistake and totally regrets having it all done.

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